Why should I work with an essay tutor?

The essay is a crucial component of your college application. It’s an opportunity to communicate directly your strengths and passions. It’s your moment to shine. The editorial support of an award-winning writer can make all the difference in crafting your essay. A great application essay can nudge a “maybe” over the line into a “yes.”

How much of my essay will you write?

I will play the central roles of editor and mentor, but the work will be completely yours. A college admissions officer can quickly spot a ghost written essay. Under my guidance, your essay will be your work and reflect the best you have to offer a college.

Do you guarantee admission to my top-choice schools?

No one can guarantee you admission to your top-choice schools. But I can promise you that you will have a highly competitive, polished essay that catches the attention of an admissions officer by reflecting your strengths and passions.