The Write Way to College

How I work

I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter. – James Michener


I offer tailored packages that include essay tutoring as well as extensive editorial support for the common application essay and supplement essays for individual colleges. We’ll go through myriad drafts of your essays until they are polished and gleaming.

How We’ll Work Together

The Process

We’ll have an initial brainstorming meeting that can take place in-person, on Skype or over the telephone. During that time we’ll clarify and refine your ideas for essay prompts. You’ll go away with writing exercises that will build structure and strengthen the foundation for a dazzling common application essay and supplements.

The timeline varies for each student, but expect to spend the first week circling your essay topic(s) and be ready to write that first draft by the end of week two. The next 2-4 weeks will be spent refining your work through my line editing and extensive feedback.

Among the benefits of going through an intensive writing process like this is that you’ll also come to appreciate that inspiration is hard work—a lesson that will serve you well in your college career and beyond. We’ll work together to cultivate the unique inspiration that will power your essays. During our time together your thunderbolts and light-bulb moments will be hard won, but they will happen.

A first draft is typically a free-write. It’s a white-hot mess that we’ll mine for gems—and there are always gems studded throughout the first draft.

We’ll have the skeleton of a fantastic essay. I’ll ask you some questions and give you more writing prompts so that you’ll develop the connective tissue integral to presenting your best essay. At this stage, I’ll also begin to line edit your work with the goal of helping you to develop your voice.

At this point you’ll have a deep appreciation of James Michener’s observation on revision as you work toward a draft of your final essay. We’ll continue to refine your work until you’re convinced that you have presented yourself through your best work.

We’ll proofread your essay and then we’ll proofread it again. As part of the process we’ll read your work out loud so that we can hear the music in your prose and correct anything that sounds off key.